Ab 25€ kostenlose Lieferung innerhalb von Deutschland: in 2-4 Arbeitstagen schnell bei Ihnen Zuhause

Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us admin@hijabsalma.de or give us a call at 0176 1637 1573

  • Germany: 3,90€ (delivery usually 2-4 Business days)
  • Purchase of 25,00€ or more the shipping cost is free within Germany
  • Schweiz 14,00€ (delivery usually 3-7 Business days)
  • Östereich 8,00€ (delivery usually 3-7 Business days)
  • As a standard we do not offer a shipping choice because it will add to our overall costs and also the shipping charge can change without notice, this helps keep the shipping charges stable and for you as gering as possible
  • All Shipping in Germany is with DHL because it is fast, reliable and they do their best to remain concerned with our environment.
  • Shipping outside of Germany is chosen with 2 factors in mind cost and speed. No matter what carrier we choose the charge is the same.
  • If you prefer to choose your own carrier, please contact us at s.jordan@salma-e-commerce.com
  • If you wish to purchase a product from us and you are outside the 3 delivery zones; Germany, Schweiz and Östereich please contact us at s.jordan@salma-e-commerce.com
  • Please contact us directly if you want to change, exchange, cancel or return your order at admin@hijabsalma.de or call 0176 1637 1573
  • The refunded amount, as a result of returns, are at the choice of HijabSalma and are dependent on the condition of the returned items.
  • Returns within Germany are free
  • Returns outside of Germany must be paid for by you, the customer, but will be partially compensated with your next purchase in the form of a discount code which you will receive at the return of the item
  • Cancellation if done before shipping will not be charged, if the article has already been shipped then the shipping fees will be charged
  • Changing of an order should be done quickly because our delivery time is usually within 24 hours and there is no charge except of the price of the purchased items changes
  • When Changing an order to insure the quickest response time please call; 0176 1637 1573 give us a call first then we will talk about the best way forward.
  • First and foremost, we try to take every step in the Name of Allah
  • We are not doing this to make a profit (although we would not be sad if we did!)
  • We do our best to consider our Islam and yours in all the choices we make
  • We are not a self-contained corporation where we have absolute control over the complete production and delivery process. We have cancelled relationships with some suppliers when it came to our attention that they were cheating or made an offer to lie to governments because of taxes and customs.
  • We have and continue to search for suppliers in the networks of Fair Trade with the intention to have better oversight of the production process and the acquisition of raw material.
  • Nature and how we live in it and treat it our important to us. 
  • We do our best to keep in mind this life flourishes by consumption…
  • …We do not wish to become a senseless platform that offers products only for the sake of consumption and profit
  • We want to do our part to serve the Ummah in Germany. Inshallah!